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Poster: agharbeia Date: Jun 19, 2008 9:28am
Forum: movies Subject: Offloading bandwidth


Here's a suggestion which I had sounded a while ago on the list, which seems to be abandoned; in more elaboration:

There are advantages to making the archive's content available through peer-to-peer networks.

Some schemes require the users to install and operate third-party software. However the most famous P2P networks have opensource implementations, like eMule and MLDonkey. This has the advantage of keeping the content in circulation, and thus increasing their life in a decentralised way.

A bittorrent scheme, where the archive would be the primary seeder and tracker, has the advantage of reducing bandwidth requirements on the IA. Most modern web browsers have built-in bittorrent clients, for those who do not customary operate a stand-alone client.

Other open source solutions to load diffusion technology exist, such as Dijjer.

For solutions that do not require a specialised client of any sorts other than the common web-browser, the archive can resort to off-loading most of its traffic via one of the open distribution over-networks, like CoBlitz for the media files and Coral for the static archive pages and media details' pages.

This can be done centrally on the fly on the web servers through URI rewriting with no need to hard-code the links, and such can be very flexible to toggle or change at anytime.

Ahmad Gharbeia

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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Jul 20, 2008 8:45am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Offloading bandwidth

At some point, "magnet" links that are supposed to work with P2P systems were implemented on at least some items. I don't know what happened to that idea though.

Bittorrent was tried early on but didn't work out. A main problem is that bittorrent works well for items that are high-demand over a short term, but most items are low-demand and long term.

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Poster: Gregorovivs Date: Jul 14, 2008 9:32am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Offloading bandwidth

Hi Ahmad.

Personally i think that the distribution of some files via p2p networks can be very useful, overall for users who don't have fast access into the net.

i'm frequently using the emule client to download and share a lot of books, a big part downloaded of this great site, with the goal of make easier and secure the availability of the books to some users who join the 'patrologia' group at

My personal observation is what the books, when is published the link ed2k in the group with the link for download in this site, some users -more than 50%- decide to download with any client p2p better that download the book directly for the servers or IA.

If this project can be rocket in the future, will be, sure, a big and great help to the users... and to the admins of the site.